Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Look what I found!

According to that font of all worldly knowledge The Beeb, there was a clown memorial yesterday. Some old geezer. Makes me think of Terry Pratchett, that. Especially a clown priest. A clown priest? I didn't know you could get those. Read about it in the Times yesterday as well, while failing to do the crossword (what the hell was that clue about Prohibition?) They ended the ceremony by throwing custard pies at the priest.

Hey, maybe they could get that priest in to Clown Camp. Boffo is looking really depressed. Did you see him in the diary tent yesterday? All his greasepaint was smudged and he looked like he had been crying. I think he's got a thing for Bingo, you know. You can just tell, man. I mean, look at the expression on his face when they made him put the custard pie in Bingo's face. It's been like days since they were allowed to do clown shit and he still didn't want to do that to Bingo. But I mean, like, that's never going to work with Jo-Jo Cramping his style.

There's some seriously fucked up shit going on in that Blue Tent, I'm telling you.

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