Wednesday, February 08, 2006


Seen this?

That's pretty neat but can't really see it doing much good.

If there were that many blokes crowded around my girl i'd have to assume she'd not quite got round to telling them she hasn't got any use for dangly bits

Rest of the site is pretty cool too. Good stuff for new drivers.

Cool site.

I am an ex breakdown truck driver, and you have no idea how close to the truth this is,lol!

My sister went out on a breakdown with me one night and she stood in front of the truck in the beam of the headlights, you could see her legs straight through her clothes,lol.

The Police/Fireman were all having a good gawk, and she had no idea. Did I do anything, course not it was really funny.

I told her later, she was sooo furious with me for not telling her at the time, and me being me I just laughed as it was hilarious.
Anyway, have fun, Linda
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