Wednesday, February 08, 2006



I like: smoking a rollie while watching the ducks (just to see their enormous feet). Splitting lanes past fuming cagers. Spinning at 120 rpm at that magic point when the chain disappears and before it all gets frantic. Glow rope. Clipless pedals. Really good, fresh coffee, the way Bilbo makes it. The smell of Ben's hair when we go to bed at night.

I DON'T like: POBs. Die die die die die die! The bicycle is a thing you can use for going, like, really, really fast. If you want to be indecisive get a room and a couple of hookers and stay the hell outta my way!

I also DON'T like: well, lots of things. But today it's mostly POBs who don't look the fuck to see what's coming before slipping off the pavement like a big turd slipping into the pan.

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