Quantum Coyote
Chronicles of the Cake Stop
Vol 2 Prologue
In the Beginning
Imagine yourself picking up a book. The cover is fine filigree leather, adorned with gold leaf and vermillion illustrations. The heavy, embossed script reads "Chronicles of the Cake Stop". It smells of old leather and the touch of human hands, a warm smell that is reminscent of clay and woodland and old, clean socks. It feels warm to your fingers; as if it has been sitting in a patch of sunlight, basking, until just before you happened across it. The book beckons to you, you stroke it; it urges you to open it, to pull back that heavy cover and turn the leaves of paper within. You cannot help yourself. The desire is irresistable.

You turn one page, then another, skipping the author information and the delicately inscribed dedication. You ignore the chapter headings; they are not important now.

There. Page one. Chapter one. The page, at first glance is utterly blank. There is no writing there. But as you read on, the words begin to appear, and first words are.....