Quantum Coyote
Chronicles of the Cake Stop
Writing Guidelines
First of all I would like to say that I am always extremely grateful for any contributions, and, of course, if you make a suggestion or write a little piece (for instance, the section in blue about crossing the swamp in Volume 2 was written by Kathy Pike) then you are guaranteed a part in the story. Somewhere. At some point. Contributions are what makes the stories more interesting, even if the contribution comprises solely:

"Please canIhavearabbit/wombat/weasel/wobbegong wiv bunny ears that goes woot woot woot pleasepleasepleaseplease?"

Or some other such rubbish. Some of the best ideas have sprung from seemingly impossible and random suggestions, such as the dialogue at the start of Volume 2 no. 1. In fact, the more complete the contribution the harder it is to write, sometimes, because it limits where the story can go. This can be seen in the Newbie and Lance thread that resulted when Aeroflash requested a Gawain and the Green Knight plot.

On the other hand, a request for gnus with frikkin' lasers on their heads combined with a request for vampires and werewolves and a tour of Europe had an immediate and obvious solution which nevertheless allowed for the production of some pretty original material (at least so far).

In other words, please don't feel that contributors have to write an entire chapter, or even a whole paragraph. Random suggestions can often be far more useful, and the more bizarre the better. The originality in the story, and the pleasure in writing, for me, comes from the challenge of including them somehow.

For those contributors who feel like having a go at writing something a bit longer, however, it would good if the submission could meet the following guidelines. This is because otherwise it takes an absolute age to edit and re-work into the correct format for inclusion in the completed episodes on here.
  1. Use the present tense, not the past. "Rigby pedals quickly towards FatBloke," NOT "Rigby pedalled quickly towards FatBloke."

  2. Use the double quotation marks around speech, not the single. '"' will do it if you can't find them hiding above the '2' at the top left of your keyboard.

  3. Don't try to put in chapter headings or episode numbers or anything like that. It's probable that your contribution will be subsumed into the story once it gets as far as this website.

  4. Stick to characters based on forum members. I have reasons for asking this — believe it or not there is an ongoing plot line/thread throughout all the Volumes so far, even if no one knows about it or has spotted it except me.

  5. Remember that I will edit to correct spelling and grammar, so if you are using deliberately idiosyncratic language for the purposes of comedic effect, it had better be speech and be inside quotes or it will be corrected.

  6. Point 5 does not mean that you can write any old tat and have me polish it into beautiful prose. If it reads like it was typed by a dyslexic monkey wearing boxing gloves, I'll probably ignore it.

  7. Past experience suggests that it is easier and works better if your contribution centres around what you think your own character would be doing at the time, although keep it to the third person. That means referring to yourself by name or as he/she.

  8. It just occurred to me that this might not be obvious: contributions should be made in the relevant thread on the Cake Stop forum at Cycling Plus. This obviously means that you will have to be a registered member of the forum. You can send any character autobiographies and things like that direct to me, though.

  9. If you are new to the Chronicles, please have a read and get a feel for them before jumping in.

  10. Artwork would be good too!